Cuppa Tea
Cuppa Tea an' a Chat

Welcome to my new ‘Cuppa Tea an’ a Chat’ Blog!

Hi There!

Well, I have finally got around to updating my website to reflect the new writing challenge I have taken on for 2020! I’m doing this all on my own-y-o, so be kind if you find broken links or dead ends!

I’ve just made myself a cuppa tea and I’m going to give you a quick rundown on what to expect if you decide to pop in every now and again to see my ‘Cuppa Tea an’ a Chat’ Blog!

My main goal for this blog is to SHARE USEFUL INFORMATION!
This should hopefully balance out the fact that I am also starting to blog as a way to practice my online skills and get a head start on having the ‘online presence’ which is useful if you want to publish a book.

So you see, as this will be useful to me I really want this to be useful to YOU too, in order to balance everything out!

I have started a series on YouTube, How I Get Published in 2020!, in which I share what I am learning this year as I follow my dream of getting published. So, in this blog, I will include more tips and stories about this journey that may help other creatives following a similar path.

I also have a strong technical background so I can share what I am learning about getting online. It has made it easier for me to do all of this alone, although it has still been a huge learning curve because online content isn’t my speciality. I have created this website using WordPress and last weekend and this weekend (mid-february 2020) I have given it an overhaul. I had been using the Twenty Seventeen theme and I have now switched to the Blossom Feminine Theme.

I am also a bit organisation mad! You may have noticed if you have seen some of my Instagram stories and my YouTube videos, that I love Excel spreadsheets! I also love using Scrivener for writing, but I am rusty on using it, so this has prompted me to consider doing some tutorials for getting started on and using Scrivener. I will let you know when I get around to that! I am new to, but getting quite fond of digital planning and have already created my own planner! So I think I will have plenty of tips to share with you over a Cuppa Tea an’ a Chat!

You may have noticed that I also love Tarot, so if you like Tarot or Oracle readings also, do check out my pages here or my feed on Instagram for some free mini-readings.

Looking forward to spending time here with you.

Slán go fóill! (which is ‘bye for now’ or literally ‘safety for a while’ in Irish).

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