YouTube: How I Get Published in 2020

THE WRITING – How I Get Published in 2020!

Hi there!

Welcome to HOW I GET PUBLISHED IN 2020 – The Writing! Click on the picture below if you would like to view this video in YouTube.

HOW I GET PUBLISHED IN 2020 - The Writing!

Ever wondered what goes on inside a writers brain but were afraid to ask?  Well, in this video I tell you!! This is a rare reveal, because as you will see, I am The Hermit. 

I hope by sharing how I accepted my own style, how I create my stories, and how I write, will help any of you out there doing something similar.

*I include my approach to writing and finding my book idea
*I tell you how I create the story
*I give you an idea of what I actual do when I sit down to write

 *** #writer #thecelticstoryteller #ilovewriting  ***

Here are the Editing, English Language and Writing Rules I flick through in the video.

*The ‘Feel Wheel’:  I don’t know where this originated from if you google it there are multiple copies of the same one so I don’t know who to credit.
*Revising vs. Editing Pie Chart:
*Proper Punctuation –
*Punctuation Jungle:
*Comma before and:

I am not affiliated with any of the above.


I do however have an affiliate link for Scrivener, the writing software I use created by Literature & Latte and would highly recommend.  I will be doing some HOW TO videos for Scrivener in the future so keep an eye out on my channel for these!

You can follow me on Instagram where I post about my writing journey on my story and sometimes in my feed. 

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