How to Self-Publish your Book in Ireland
YouTube: How I Get Published in 2020

THE END! – How I Get Published in 2020! – Actually it was 2021!!

Hi there!

Welcome to HOW I GET PUBLISHED IN 2020 – The End! Click on the picture below if you would like to view this video in YouTube. I cover publishing in Ireland and the steps you need to follow.


If you want to know how to self publish in Ireland, and I mean actually getting your book onto a platform like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, by yourself. This video will show you step by step, all the things you need to do to get from finished manuscript, to published book.

This is the final video in my ‘HOW I GET PUBLISHED’ YouTube series, that I should have uploaded back in 2021 but life, the dog and other things just delayed me – but it is never too late and now I will share with each step you need to take to self publish. I prepared this video back in Aug 2021 but never got around to adding it to my own channel!.

I was invited to share my self publishing knowledge by M.K. Williams who featured it as part of her How To Self-Publish Around The World | 2021 Summer Olympics | Self-Publishing Parade of Nations | Series:    • How do I self-publish my book in Irel…  , which I highly recommend you watch if you aren’t from Ireland and want similar advice. Also, while you are there check out her channel which is jam packed fully of excellent self publishing advice:    / @1mkwilliams  

Here are the useful links I mention in the video: Rose O’Rua The Celtic Storyteller ISBNs: Nielsen ISBN Store at Nielsen Book’s Database: Legal Deposits: Irish Copyright Law: Self-Publishing Platforms: Pricing & Currency: W8-BEN form: Publish Wide:    / @1mkwilliams  

My affiliate link for Scrivener, the writing software I use created by Literature & Latte and would highly recommend:…

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