BUST MY BOSS – The Introduction.

Bust my Boss

Here is a Reading Ritual I would like to share with anyone who needs it, because when the idea for the reading came to me I thought that lots of people would find it useful and helpful.  It is definitely one to consider if you are doing a Career Coaching Tarot Session. If you are interested in using it then please reference me, or tag me by using @thecelticstoryteller and #bustmyboss on any social media shared BUST MY BOSS readings.

BUST MY BOSS!!  Is all about finding the key to understanding a difficult boss or challenging work situation. This key or knowledge may not be obvious, despite what you think you know about the situation.  It may be hiding under layers of confusion built upon work egos, the work masks we all wear and work politics! 

This key could be an aspect of your boss’s personality that once you can pinpoint, will allow you to find a way to circumvent it or deal with it.  It could be personal issues or trouble at home that is spilling into how they treat people in work.  It could be that they are jealous of your skills or attitude because they see how quickly you will rise through the ranks when they themselves struggled.  You see where this is going!  Find the key that is driving your boss to drive you crazy and then you can find a way to get around it, over it or through it!

There are a couple of ways to do this reading depending on whether you are reading for one person (in person or online) or a collective reading for posting on social media.  Below I show the steps for a one-to-one reading. You may have seen this spread on my Instagram Tuesday to Friday element posts in August 2019.   For these collective Instagram readings, I picked the Boss card from a reduced deck with just the 16 Court Cards.  I decided to use all 16 cards for my shuffle each day in case it was relevant that more than one element needed to see the same Court Card.


BUST MY BOSS – For a specific person, face to face.

In this case you can discuss the Boss and situation with the querent and make this a fully interactive reading where they get to physically take part in the ritual.  Ask the querent to keep note of their feelings and intuitive nudges during the reading – it all counts.  For online readings you won’t be able to do some of the interactive elements but the rest holds.

Step 1:  Pick the Boss Card or Item representing the Situation.

To pick a Boss Card choose from the 16 Court Cards taken from a separate deck.  I use a deck I am not particularly fond of to emphasise that this is a difficult person!  If the querent is sure of the issue with the Boss let them choose the card that speaks to them about this person and situation.  Otherwise, you can choose the card that your intuition is telling you matches what you have learnt from the querent – or if this isn’t happening, shuffle and see what comes out. 

If the issue isn’t regarding one particular Boss, the querent can use an item to represent the situation. Choose a small item that can be placed on top of the spread to draw energy about the crux of the issue as described by the querent.  Examples of a Situation Item would be:  A USB key, if the querent is always asked to take work home.  A mobile phone, if they are always getting work phone calls or emails out of hours.  A tie, to represent an overly formal work environment.  A swipe card, to represent restricting protocols.  You get the picture… 

Step 2:  Draw a line under the Boss card or Situation Item.

Using something you feel conveys peaceful and calming energy, draw a line under the Boss Card or Situation Item. You are going to be filtering the energy of the querent’s issue through this barrier and on the other side you will be given your peaceful and calming solution.

I use a white ribbon to draw the line, this is to signify ‘waving the white flag’ – a willingness to surrender to the right resolution even if it will be difficult.  On top of that I light a blue candle, to illumination the answer in a calming light, making it easier to understand and implement.

Step 3:  Read the Boss Card or Situation Item.

Before drawing the next 2 cards, read the Boss Card or Situation Item.  You do this by discussing the full issue with the querent giving them the opportunity to vent all their frustrations regarding the situation if they want to. If you have used a Court Card then draw on your knowledge of this card to help you.  Then, and, this is really important, ask them to find something, anything; that might be a positive take from this situation.  This may be hard, but you want to have some balance as you filter this difficult energy through your peaceful and calming energy line before you draw the next two cards.

Step 4:  Draw the second card:  Helping or Hindering.

Using the Tarot deck you feel right for this reading, shuffle and meditate as you normally would, asking whether or not the Boss or those influencing the situation, believe they are helping or hindering the querent.  When you are ready, draw the top card and place it under the peaceful and calming energy line to the left.  Let the querent know what this card means including whether the Boss or those influencing the situation are actively and knowingly helping or hindering them.  In other words, are they being difficult on purpose or is it just a knock on effect of their personality, behavior or workload.  If the situation the querent is asking about is not caused by anyone in particular, then consider the work environment and the company ethos and whether it is progressive or backward.

Step 5:  Draw the third card:  Action or Advice.

Shuffle and mediate again asking for any action or advice that will help the querent to resolve the situation to their benefit.  When you are ready, draw the top card and place it under the peaceful and calming energy line to the right.  Let the querent know what the action or advice is that they can take to resolve or get through this situation.

As mentioned, this reading may work well in Career Coaching Tarot Sessions.  In this case you may want to draw extra clarification cards and to continue the reading with more questions and another relevant spread.

Step 6:  Sum up.

When you have discussed with the querent all that you see in the Tarot reading and you are both happy to conclude, close off this issue by asking the querent to place the Boss Card UNDER the Action or Advice card (or if you used a Situation Item place it below the Item), tap the Action or Advice card and say ‘Thanks for the advice!’ and then blow out the candle.  Ask the querent to take the energy of peacefulness, calmness and completion with them.  I say completion, because it will help if they stay in the positive frame of mind that the action or advice will bring this situation to completion.

I hope this spread and ritual helps anyone who wants to use it.  I would be delighted if you tagged me by using @thecelticstoryteller and #bustmyboss on any social media shared BUST MY BOSS readings.

Go n-éirí on bóthar leat … May the road rise with you!