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Rose O’Rua is delighted to announce the launch of her first book:


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Rose O’Rua has been an author at heart for the best part of her life. She was born and bred in Ireland where she lives with her husband, two children, two cats – and hopefully in the near future – the dog of her dreams.

She grew up loving mystical stories and romance in equal measure. Growing up in the seventies and eighties she was lucky enough to digest all the best classic science fiction television shows and movies of that time. This diet of mysticism, romance and science fiction left a permanent mark on her imagination and belief system!

While she longed to become a writer she took the sensible route in life and got a paid job. Now, older and wiser, she has embraced her romantic nature, her love of folklore and storytelling, her interest in the mystical, the spiritual and the inexplicable and allowed all of this to come out in her writing.

Rose currently works in a part-time job that she enjoys. However, becoming a full-time writer is a dream of hers.

Rose O’Rua is the author’s pen name.

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