This Privacy Policy is a work in progress as at 6th October 2020.

This Policy explains what happens when you send any of your personal data to me via this website and how and why I may use it.

I go by the name The Celtic Storyteller as I like to keep my own name private.  I am an Irish woman (possibly and probably descended from any of the following; the Tuatha Dé Danann, the Gaelic people, Tree dwelling beings, the Celtics, the Vikings, or any other invaders as we have had our fair share in Éire*).  I am a tarot card reader, a writer, a mum; I’m lots of things including trustworthy.

This document was created on 6th October 2020.  It will always be a work in progress as I will endeavour to keep up to date with GDPR requirements and the changing abilities of third party software and services I use.

If you don’t fill out a form on my website I won’t collect your data.  I use wordpress and a couple of plugins to make this site work.  If I know they store cookies I have listed them in the cookie policy.  I use Blacknight as my hosting service.  If I have google analytics up and running on the website (not enabled at present) then I will be able to see some location and session information via google analytics.  See more on this in the cookie policy.

Data I gather and why I request it.

If you decide you want me to do a Reading for you then you will probably fill out a ‘request a reading’ form on this website with the following fields.

Name (optional):  So I know what to call you when I communicate with you.  You can call yourself ‘X’ or ‘Goddess’ or your real name.

Star Sign/Element (optional):  So I know what Element you are at home in and I can reference cards that represent your star sign.  I do not ask for your date of birth.  If you tell me your date of birth or that you are on the cusp of two signs then I will know your date of birth or close to it.  You have the option to add the star sign/element of a significant other who you are asking your question about.

Your email(compulsory):  So that I can send you an invoice and your completed reading.

Reading Type(compulsory): So I know what type of spread you have chosen and how much to charge you.

Question(compulsory):  So I can do your reading and answer your question  Whatever information you send me to help me do your reading I will keep for the purposes of doing your reading.

Legal Disclaimer Choice(compulsory):  So I know you understand the legal disclaimer.

If you decide you want to fill out a ‘Review My Reading’ form on my website then thank you!  If it’s good, I might display it on my website IF you have also given me permission to do so.

Here are the fields on this form (not created as at 6th October 2020):

Name (optional):  You can ask that this is not displayed on my reviews page.

Reading Type(optional): So people reading your review know what type of reading you are reviewing.

Review(compulsory):  Your review of my reading may be displayed on my website for a while.

Public/Private(compulsory):   A tick box that tells me if I can display your review on my website.

If I agree to do your reading then I will send you an invoice using Paypal.  I may see any data you have set up on your Paypal account.

Right to be forgotten.

If you wish me to delete your data then I will do my best to comply with your request.  I can delete your reading request and reading information from my computer and from my email.  I will need to keep the minimum required information about the service exchange in order to have a receipt for tax purposes.  If you wish to be forgotten please fill in a reading review form with the request to be forgotten in the Review box.

*I have no proof of my decendency from any of these tribes who most people would deem to be fictional!

The Celtic Storyteller