Here is a my Tarot Story – so you know what to expect from my readings.

How I do My Readings.

I am an intuitive Tarot reader.  This means that I trust in my connection with my intuition and the thoughts and feelings that come to me while reading the cards.  I have a love of nature and for the folklore and magic in old Irish tales.  Before a reading I will stroll to the end of my garden and circle the tall Willow Tree whose drooping branches offer the perfect cover and a cave of green (in summer!) for me to shelter beneath while I shuffle the cards, clear their energy and ask the Willow for some Wisdom to come through in my reading.

I believe in Tarot as a tool to help unlock and understand our own thoughts and feelings which might be hidden in our subconscious.  To that end, if you get a reading with me, do look carefully at the pictures on the cards for yourself as you may find something in them that helps you with your own questions.

My intention is to find the story in the cards that is trying to find you

I would always suggest that you take into account what is happening in your physical world as well.  Be honest with yourself when interpreting what is happening around your situation.

If you get a reading with me, I will try to tap into you and your situation and tell you the story I see in the cards which will include possible outcomes.  However, while this may seem like predictive reading, I don’t believe the cards determine your future.  You, your actions and those of the people around you will effect your future.  Seeing your story in a reading will give you food for thought, it may help you understand how you might feel given different outcomes and hopefully it will at least give you some comfort.

I approach all readings with care and heart and will do my best to bring you the story the Tarot spread reveals which I believe to be the most relevant to your situation. All cards are genuinely drawn with feeling and intention for you alone.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Reading.

I have learnt from experience that asking the cards a question that requires a simple Yes/No answer can just leave you wanting more.  Even when I do these types of readings I am looking beyond the Yes or No, for the Why and What can I do?

Also, giving a Yes/No response is too much like a predictive reading and while I delve into this territory I always add a disclaimer because a lot of outcomes are based on ours and others actions away from the Tarot Card reading, this is an ever changing landscape and one which you have some responsibility in creating.

So asking ‘When …’ or ‘Will…’ is assuming the cards determine your future and this is not the case.  You have some influence in the matter.

Asking something like ’What can I…’ or ‘How can I…’ will bring you guidance on what you can do to help create your desired outcome.

Understand the story the cards show, will reflect your situation, the energy around it and possible ways this energy can influence the future.  It can spark your mind to find create solutions; to understand your situation in more depth, or to accept the actions of others.

How Can a Tarot Reading Help You?

My readings are intuition-led and based around working with the Tarot Cards in the following ways: as a tool to help tap into your own intuition when making a decision; for asking those questions that nobody else knows the answer to, or asking the questions you don’t want anyone else to know you are asking!

I believe that the Tarot Cards are a very creative way to channel certain feelings, (especially doubt, uncertainty, even helplessness) or those thoughts that lead us into an unending loop with no discernible answer, into a more positive and proactive activity.  Helping to open up a door to your inner thoughts, feelings, and sub-conscious desires. Sometimes the answer really is inside us – we just need some help bringing it to the surface.

Please be conscious of your own emotional investment in the reading outcome.  If you feel significant worry or even desperation around the reading result then this may not be a good time right now for you to request a reading.  Consider waiting until you can deal with any reading outcome.  I always look, listen and remain aware for the positive messages, valuable wisdom and advise in the cards, however it is completely possible the answer you wanted, won’t come through in your reading.  Hey, I’ve cried through Tarot readings before, I’ve cried after them!  I’ve cried if they didn’t come true!  But I always kept a spark of hope.  A Tarot reading can give you insights, hope, clarity, surprises, disappointments, food for thought or a bit of a spiritual lift.  If you book a reading with me, I want to know you will stay positive no matter what story appears in the cards.

I do not answer questions regarding legal or medical issues.  I do not read for those under 18.  I reserve the right to refuse a reading.  Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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