YouTube: How I Get Published in 2020

THE INTRODUCTION – How I Get Published in 2020!

Hi there!

Welcome to HOW I GET PUBLISHED IN 2020 – The Introduction. Click on the picture below if you would like to view this video in YouTube.

How I Get Published in 2020

In this video I give you a little background on where I am in the WRITING/PUBLISHING process and what my plans are for getting published this year.

This video might help you if you are on the road from writer to published author – whether you are starting your book from scratch, from the middle or the end!

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I am starting in January 2020 with 2 writing projects and I will post videos on how these are doing – what is working for me and what isn’t.

Project 1: I have one book started, 3 of 13 or so chapters finished. Goal: finish and self publish!

Project 2: I have one book finished (in 2018), over 150,000 words, not published. Goal: send submissions – get published!

This video will also answer the question of why a Writer on YouTube is using Tarot cards and why a Tarot card reader on Instagram is also a Writer!

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