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Free Bonus Reading – Your Secret Love’s Secret Message

Here is a Timeless Free Bonus Reading – added to Instagram on 16th October.

I wanted to do another free bonus LOVE reading and I felt this question was needed for some people.  “Your Secret Love’s Secret Message?” I used one of my go-to shorter spreads I use on myself all the time, 3 cards with 3 clarifying Cards.

This is for YOU if you wanted to ask a LOVE Question but didn’t want to request a personal reading.

This is for YOU if you happened across this post and the story the spread reveals rings true with you.

This is for YOU if you see the cards and see your story, no matter what my interpretation is, if you get your story from the pictures and a message that feels good to you. Finally, you know best, all decisions are yours to make.  Take this reading as entertainment; it is not a substitute for professional advice or a good natter with your best friend!

WHAT DO THEY WANT YOU TO KNOW?  IX Cups.  To be with you would fulfill all their wishes and desires.  The thought that you could be theirs makes them extremely happy and satisfied.  This may make it very hard to keep their feelings a secret.   Clarify:  Unity.  They have a strong desire to commit to you and may want to express this in a very traditional way.  Their maybe some of you who have been keeping your feelings secret because of differences in culture, beliefs or religion that you can’t find a solution to just yet.

WHAT ARE THEIR SUBCONSCIOUS FEELINGS OR INFLUENCES?  Ace of Swords.  A solution has or soon will present itself to them, which has the potential to break through any delays that have stopped you coming together.  They will know what needs to be said or done to approach you.  The solution requires them to act on the clarity their subconscious is presenting to them with truth and honour.  Clarify:  Eight of Earth.  This idea is the result of the time and dedication they have invested into finding a way to bring their feelings into the open.  All of this conscious work has fed enough energy and information into their subconscious to allow it to do it’s magic and create an inspiring idea built on the combination of their inner knowing and outer understanding.

WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN NEXT?  Ace of Wands.  Their positive feelings about what their life would be like with you combined with this new clarity they have regarding how to move forward is creating an opportunity to convert these wishes and ideas into a tangible action plan.  This will allow them to offer you a new beginning together that has great potential for success as well as it’s fair share of passion!.  Clarify:  The Emperor.  The action they take will be well thought out and executed with an authority that will overthrow any issues that contributed to you both keeping this secret.  They will be exuding quite powerful and passionate energy.  This is backed up with the offer of a secure relationship and the proof that they worked relentlessly to make this happen.  Dedication like this is so romantic!!  It may just sweep you off your feet.


What can I say sometimes I like to pull a ruin, not for it’s actual meaning but for the alphabet letter the ruin symbol looks like!  Like the old game where you twist the stem off an apple calling out the letters of the alphabet – when the core comes loose the letter you were on is the beginning of your true loves name!  So if a P is significant then this is further clarification that this message is for you.  The Ruin meaning is all about appreciating love and laughter in your life and to count your blessings.

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