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Free Bonus Reading – Timeless Love Query

Here is the Free Bonus Reading I added to Instagram at the start of October.

I wanted to do a larger reading to share and I wanted to do a Celtic Cross with my new Druid Craft Tarot.  I asked a LOVE question, a general one, to capture a larger audience.  I ask “Do they Love me?” and expect the spread to give an answer that encompasses the whole situation, including possible outcomes.  As I grew up on Celtic Cross spreads – every fortune teller I went to when I was younger did them – I have been ignoring this classic spread in favour of 2, 3 and 6 card spreads I am doing for IG and myself. However the Druid Craft Tarot card book has renewed my love of it again!

This is for YOU if you wanted to ask a LOVE Question but didn’t want to request a personal reading.

This is for YOU if you happened across this post and the story the spread reveals rings true with you.

This is for YOU if you see the cards and see your story, no matter what my interpretation is, if you get your story from the pictures and a message that feels good to you. 

Finally, you know best, all decisions are yours to make.  Take this reading as entertainment; it is not a substitute for professional advice or a good natter with your best friend!


You may be feeling that to be loved by your desired person would fulfill all your dreams of happiness, that their love is the missing piece in your life and being with them will make you whole, content and bring the end of your quest for love.  To you, this person feels like your Anam Cara, your Twin Flame, your Soul Mate.


Your desired person may be acting detached or even cold towards you at the moment, you may be having petty arguments or you feel that they aren’t as compassionate or emotional as you are.  This could be making you wonder if they are interested in you at all, or if you are emotionally suited.  For those already seeing your desired person, it may not be going well, and you wonder if they are having second thoughts about you.  For some of you this situation may have led to a split up.


You really want to get your relationship to a place of where you are both feeling an equal amount of excitement, affection and passion for each other.  If you are not yet together, you are excited and giddy about getting to know each other on a new level. For existing relationships or those that may have split for a while, you desire that feeling of ‘newness’ again, where you are both making an effort and showing your best side. 


Deep down you feel this relationship will make you both completely happy if could both just submit to its possibilities, remove all your inhibitions and abandon yourselves to the freedom that comes with trusting in love.


In the recent past one of you may have been either too focused on work, or on the financial and material aspects of being with each other, or maybe wrapped up in determining whether this relationship was a committed one, a label which could have made the other person pull back a little.


A good place to go from here would be to step forward into your own independence.  A little more time focusing on yourself will release the tension of expectations for you both.  If you felt they weren’t ready for commitment, then time by yourself will help you to be strong as an individual, which is always an attractive quality. If you are already seeing each other this does not mean you have to stop.  Just introduce a new interest or hobby into your life – it will leave less time for them and make the time you do have together more special.


You may initially worry that appearing independent and unavailable will just make them think you are no longer interested in them.  You may feel that this will block them from making you an offer or, if you are together, that they will think you are no longer interested in them.  Don’t worry – what’s scarce is enticing, what’s rare is valuable 😉

Others Feel

To those around you there is no doubt that sparks fly when you are together.  Others may even use the phrase ‘A match made in Heaven!’  They may see what you do not, as your friends and family know you well enough to guess your true feelings.  They will also see clearly what your desired person is exuding because they are not blinded by the insecurities or modesty that you may have.


You can’t wait for this situation to resolve itself as it feels like all the recent shifting of emotions from excited and expectant to distancing and waiting, is just going to take all the passion out of any potential (or current) relationship.  However, I feel that by quelling your desire and expectations for a while to wait until your loved one can match them you will help the situation…I even put my Fire Sign stone in reverse by accident and it actually goes with the message in the cards!


Love, balance and union are indicated in your future as the potential outcome.  The Lovers can be seen as a Twin Flame, Anam Cara or Soul Mate card.  Hold firm in your beliefs regarding the potential of this relationship, remain truthful about your interest or love if asked but still take the time to enjoy just being yourself without your happiness hinging on how they feel.  This small shift in focus looks like it has the potential to bring a balance of emotions to this relationship.  Because ‘love requires surrender, and surrender requires choice*’.  Releasing expectations about this relationship may give you both the freedom to come into this in your own way and in your own time.

*quote from The Druid Craft Tarot Book (Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm), and too good not to include!

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