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Endings, Am I over it?

Hi There!

Not Tea, Coffee!

Welcome to a ‘Cuppa Tea an’ a Chat’.

How are you doing?  I haven’t been ‘here’ in a while so let me catch you up.

Endings. Am I over it?

If you follow me on Instagram or YouTube you will know I have pulled back from both of those over the last month or so. In short, the reason is a combination of a number of smaller reasons which all round up to me feeling that time on those platforms takes away from my family time in a way I’m no longer happy about.


The Crone – Me!

It is that time of year where it feels comfortable to hibernate, to stop, to end, to clear away the mess! Maybe this is clearing the way for something new or maybe not, maybe this is just a rest. Very soon it will be the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. I enjoy the build up to this solstice because I feel there is still time to hid away! For me personally, I am toying with the idea of not going back to posting on YouTube, I never had the time to be consistent and it takes a LOT of time. I love it, yep, but I’m not committed to it they way YT want’s me to be!!

My Instagram and YouTube accounts are important to me for the people I hope I’m helping and the people and friends I have connected to. So, somethings will not be ended. What I have noticed most is how I miss doing Tarot Readings. I always had the intention that they would find the right person and I still want to share readings as I believe they can be helpful.

Then it struck me. I can still help, if I just help those that want it!

When I posted lots of readings on Instagram and YouTube there was no way of knowing if they did find the person who needed them. (Bar one or two posts and videos where I would get lots of comments, most went under the radar.) It can feel like opening up to everyone but nobody listens 🫣.

Creating the first 3 IMMEDIATE Ready Made Tarot Readings

So the solution – open up this website again for personal readings. That way, when I am spending time creating readings I know it will be for the right person and I know it will be because they asked. I will probably still do general readings that I send out to all and everyone but it won’t be as often. It will be when I have time to spare, which is rare!!

So, if you like, check out my new IMMEDIATE Ready Made Tarot readings page where I have readings you don’t need to wait for! I will add more to this section soon. You can also Book a Reading, as I re-opened my 3 reading offerings where you can ask a question and I will do a customised personal reading for you.

Am I over it?

This is not about being over Instagram or YouTube.

This is about my writing.

Am I over the post self-publishing reality? No. Post self-publishing, I was elated and wreaked! Post self-publishing I waited and watched and hoped for some sales. I had a few here and there. Not a lot. I minded my new puppy which was lots of fun. I tried to self-market which was not fun. Not my strong suit. Not something I enjoy.

I started the new book and then stopped. Why? Once again the many small reasons that add up. Mainly, because the balance was missing. While time away from family and responsibilities is nice and any creative interest is good for the soul, publishing took ALL my time! It is hard to justify doing that all over again when my first book didn’t sell well.

So, I’m not over some of the disappointment. I’m not over the bit of heartache that comes with it.

I am over it stopping me from writing. When I have time. When all the family stuff is done. In my spare time. Then, when I am finished the sequel, self-publishing it will have to follow the same slow process.

So, in the end, I’m going to keep going, because I’m not over it.

God Bless and Take Care.
Slán go fóill! (which is ‘bye for now’ or literally ‘safety for a while’ in Irish).

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