I am currently offering 3 reading packages.

Your reading will be sent via email as a PDF with a picture of the cards dealt and your reading explained.

I approach all readings with care and heart and will do my best to bring you the story the Tarot spread reveals which I believe to be the most relevant to your situation. All cards are genuinely drawn with feeling and intention for you alone.

If you are choosing a Love Reading, keep in mind that it works best when you already have a connection with the person you are asking about. It is absolutely fine if this was in the past or there is currently no contact.

Reading 1: Situation Check-In. Price: €12.21. This is a shortish reading, with 3 main Tarot cards and extra clarification cards drawn where necessary to gain a deeper insight or to boost your morale! The main cards drawn will relate to Situation, the Subconscious or Unknown, the Possible Outcome. This reading can work for any query but is a favourite of mine for a quick love check-in. For love readings I can look at Known Feelings, Subconscious or Unknown Feelings, and Desires for the Future. For that reason I have priced it at one of the most regularly repeating numbers I see. This is to give it some extra luck especially if you are asking about a Twin Flame or Soul Mate (Anam Cara).

Reading 2: One Main Question. Price: €21.12. Depending on your question I will decide the best Tarot Card Spread to use. This will usually be a layering of cards which delves deeper into your query. These spreads usually have 3-5 cards in the first draw at which point I will draw the next layer of cards in order to ask fluid queries around the first cards that clarify or dig deeper as required. Your reading includes the story behind all the cards dealt, showing how they pertain to your situation and what insights they offer in answer to your question. You may ask ONE question.

Reading 3: One Theme, in-depth analysis. Price: €41.41. Depending on your question I will choose a decent sized tarot spread and ask what you want, around one topic or theme. I have a number of customised spreads I use but can also use a classic like the Celtic Cross spread. This is great for getting an answer that encompasses the whole situation, including possible outcomes – keep in mind the Celtic Cross spread has only 2 outcome cards in the 10 drawn so I will clarify these outcome cards if necessary. Whatever spread I use I will ensure there are cards drawn to answer your questions and clarify where necessary.


Please be aware that I do not give readings regarding Legal or Medical/Health questions, nor do I read for those under 18. Thank you for respecting these boundaries.

Please be conscious of your own emotional investment in the reading outcome.  If you feel significant worry or even desperation around the reading result then this may not be a good time right now for you to request a reading.  Consider waiting until you can deal with any reading outcome.  I always look, listen and remain aware for the positive messages, valuable wisdom and advise in the cards, however it is completely possible the answer you wanted, won’t come through in your reading.  A Tarot reading can give you insights, hope, clarity, surprises, disappointments, food for thought or a bit of a spiritual lift.  Before I do your reading, I want to know you will stay positive no matter what story appears in the cards.

1. To Book a Tarot Reading with me, please fill out the form below, selecting the reading you have chosen.

2. You will receive an availability confirmation email and a PayPal invoice for the relevant amount from The Celtic Storyteller.

3. You can proceed to pay the invoice through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will ask for your Debit or Credit card details.

4.  Once I receive your payment confirmation from Paypal I will send you your reading within 2 days for Reading 1, 4 days for Reading 2 and at most 7 days for Reading 3.

Thank you for trusting me with your reading.

Please read and agree to the Legal Disclaimer before requesting your reading.



I don't mind if you use initials here if you want your name to remain private. Just be aware I may see some more details through your email address or PayPal receipt.
Please do NOT enter your Date of Birth, it is not required.
Your personal information will be treated in the strictest confidence.
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please note that by law, all tarot readers are required to state that all readings are intended for entertainment purposes only. My Tarot Readings do not replace Professional Services such as, but not reserved to, Medical, Legal, Financial, Business or Psychological Advice. The contents of my Tarot Readings are not legally binding. The Celtic Storyteller and I accept no liability or responsibility for any action you or anyone who sees/reads/hears my Tarot Reading chooses to take. I do not wish to read for persons under 18 years of age.