YouTube: Tarot Readings

❤️ Pick a Card Love Reading 💞How to MELT THE HEART of the ONE YOU LOVE

Hi There!   Here is a Pick a Card LOVE reading which will show you how you might MELT THE HEART of the one you LOVE.

I have an ice candle left over from Christmas and it is perfect to use to invoke ideas on how you can melt the heart of someone you care about – or maybe it will show you how they will melt your heart!

I want to spend more time on YouTube and would really like to grow my channel this year.  I will be doing more Tarot readings and I will do Pick a Card readings for Love and Readings which Tap into Celtic Wisdom, Tree Wisdom and Messages that might be important for Soul Growth.  So if you like the sound of that, I would love if you liked, subscribed and shared thanks you very much.

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